Medical Care

I suggest annual Vet visits with regular checkups including blood work ever few years when healthy. When sick it is invaluable. Make sure your vet handles and cares for large breeds and mastiffs. Not all vets are familiar with this breed and may not be sure of treatments and growth developments. Make sure your mastiff is trained to have any staff work with them, teeth, feet, ears, all over touching is required for a full checkup. This is done at home, handle your pet everywhere in play and daily routine. Keep your shots and wormer current. If a question occurs on anything, call your vet, ask. Bring them into your vet before it is too late. Sickness with hidden behavior signs are often slight in the beginning. Noticeable signs of sickness are often too late.

Mastiff have a loose jointed bone structure. Bone and joint testing is not recommended at younger than 2 years because of the extreme growth movement of the joints. Misdiagnoses is possible because joint growth or movement of loose joints. Testing when younger than 2 may be needed in extreme circumstances for vet care. Any nasal procedures are not recommended because of their breed standards and genetics. Eye problems have been known to this breed. It is not proven if this is a genetic inherited trait. Yes, keep a towel handy. Skin moisture needs to be kept dry as much as possible to prevent rashes and other skin issues under skin folds, and share time after a drink or swim. A towel is your best friend.

To simplify, a partial spay is the procedure to keep hormone growth throughout a canines life but prevents reproduction of any litters. There is a choice to have a younger female partially fixed to keep hormone growth. With this procedure, there is no reversal. Males can have this procedure but this is recommended at 1 to 2 years of age.

When having a full spay, some of the differences are noticeable. A full spay is the total loss of all organs eliminating all hormone growth. A full spay verses partial spay pertaining to their health of a large breed can be further researched. Check sources with reliable information. Having a partial spay for larger breeds continued growth provides continued growth. but does gives false hormone cycles. Not all vets will perform this procedure. I repeat, this is not reversible.

Studies are current ongoing as any health benefits verses health conditions associated with a full spay or a partial. Do your research.

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