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Mastiffs Traits

A Neapolitan Mastiff does have general traits common in the breed guidelines with each other but each has their own personalities. See AKC for more information. Sometimes predictable, sometimes not. Mastiffs are a large breed considered costly because of medical, vet, foods, and care needed throughout their live span.

I compare a mastiff to a teenager. I enjoy this breed because of their all-around personalities. This is a strong, curious, and stubborn breed. This is not a breed to be taken lightly for anyone because they can be difficult to handle without experience, learning, respect, patience, lots of understanding as well as canine body language.

Mastiffs are known to have certain abilities. I believe that each puppy inherits some from the breeding line, the things they do or not do. They also learn from training or un-training. The best is a bond of love, understanding, respect, the family, the handler, and a mastiff. Having this will guarantee a mastiff will want to please in any way they can while protecting their family, no matter what. Remember, if a Mastiff want to move, they can.

I compare mastiffs to children, they grow up always learning, looking and watching. They see, hear, and listen to all everywhere, even when pretending to snore and sleep. They know what is expected with rules and guidelines but do test you. Other care at home is teeth, grooming, nails, brushing, and all around handling. The antics and funny things they do, one can watch the thinking inside their head and wonder what will happen next. The surprise, compassion, and personalities of what they learn in their life is always a memorable experience I treasure. Some of my mastiffs have lived a lifespan of over 12 years with a healthy diet, proper exercise, vet care, regular maintenance, love and lots of support. A great mastiff as a pet is more than can be described.

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