Care & Mainentance

A puppy is the combined result of many factors. A puppy goes through many growth stages. One cannot fully determine final looks as an adult. A great Mastiff is not without love, time, dedication, training, and money to raise correctly over a lifetime. Their health is best when you provide their needs with a nutritious diet, exercise, and sociability. Mastiffs are a large breed with growth throughout their life.

Check on your bloodline, some Neapolitans need more or less exercise depending on their energy level. They learn to love water, swim, walks, just being around in the middle of the doorway. Find a release for their energy to prevent bad behaviors from developing. Toys are great. Keeping their own toy box prevents destruction when trained correctly. Keeping their mind busy and occupied makes a difference stimulating their mind, tires them out, and gives an outlet for unspent energy.

Fenced in yards or play areas for exploring is recommended for Mastiffs. This breed is not best when left alone without you being around. Mastiffs need work time with a leash, training, and socialization to teach and explore. Leash and play time is like going to work but both are still fun. As a Mastiff owner, we are responsible for the behavior of our pet when home or out. Be able to prevent disasters.

Feeding your pet is just like you would for your family. A well balanced, healthy diet is the vital key from puppy to senior. Be picky about what you choose and why. I choose a diet with meat proteins, no preservatives, dyes, chicken, fillers, or yeast. Foods make the difference in skin, coat, and health of your pet. Each one is different on food needs, even mastiffs.

Dogs are carnivorous. Watch ingredients. A meat protein should be listed first, then goes on. Vegetables and fillers are used for protein supplements or vitamin additives for blending and cooking pellets. Dog food consist of many ingredients. Cooking takes the nutrition out of pure ingredients. Check updates on dog food advisor sites for current ingredients and food grades testing which change. You determine the health of your pet. Choose wisely.

Price is not a deciding factor. Differences in price are fillers, proteins substitutes,and more. Read the feeding amount for the weight, then compare. A balanced diet provides good coat, skin, less discolored loose stools, solid dark stools, and no health issues. With this said, saving money on vet bills from a well-balanced diet is an added bonus.

An overweight mastiff is not a healthy pet. This can cause bone, joint, exercise, and more medical problems. If necessary, consider supplement feedings with other healthy foods not adding additional fats or calories. Treats and chews are extras, watch preservatives, dyes, and ingredients. Stay with a natural treat. Many treats are at home, vegetable and fruits. Table leftovers are a treat unless using a raw diet. This may cause problems with regular feedings. Stay with natural chews. Rawhide does not digest causing intestinal blockages, illness, and death. Dental chews are chopped rawhide and better digested than rawhide if chosen.

Training is a must for all; the owner, the family, and the mastiff. Training is not only for the mastiff but the owner and family as well to develop a bond of understanding each other. Proper training gives the social and working bonding partnership with many rewards that can be developed with a handler and their family. There are many factors to consider. A separate handout with my recommendations can be requested. Train your pet for outside and inside time whether cold or hot. For more information, fill out the contact page.

Not all trainers are familiar with mastiff or large breed training. Choose wisely. Show training is different from other training requiring an abundance of time, travel, and cost. Because of those who participate and show their champions, we have been allowed to see their beauty and magnificence. This is an option to anyone owning a mastiff. Do your research in handlers, shows, and other resources.

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