Breeding Mastiffs

AKC provides standards for breeding with guidelines. There are two types of breeders, a quality breeder and an irresponsible breeder. Being a breeder in not any light task. Many considerations must be taken into consideration. A breeder is referred to anyone having a litter for sale, registered or unregistered. It is rare that you will have a natural breeding mastiff, a female must accept a male. I follow AKC guidelines using a adoption pre-application before taking any deposits which promotes placement of the right breed puppy in the best forever homes.

Many concerns are part of breeding quality mastiffs. This is not to mention the legal contracts, verify references or applications, scams, puppy returns, retraining, and rehoming, training and regular adult daily care. Most importantly, planning of a vacation or any time away is impossible without a really great trustworthy, dependable dog sitter familiar with your mastiffs. Fill out the contact page for more detailed information on what a quality breeder does.

Quality breeders strive for only a forever home with the right family. A mastiff application and a contract with a breeder makes a difference legally protecting both the breeder, the Neapolitan, and you. Choosing to be a breeder means that you have to be responsible in what you decide and what you do.

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