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I have AKC Mastiffs as companions, pets, and breeders for many years. I do breed selectively with unrelated pairs, this is to enhance health and genetic traits for longevity. I enjoy this breed because of their all-around personalities and general characteristics. This strong, curious, and stubborn breed is not for everyone because they can be difficult to handle without knowledge. Showing mastiffs takes many hours of training, time, and travel but is a consideration for those which choose to do so.

Mastiffs are more than guard dogs with the right family in the right home. They do become an indispensable family member with all they can provide. In the past I have seen mastiffs as companion pet therapy, handicap children training, water rescue, search and find, scent, treadmill exercise, medical and therapy pets, in combination to a cherished family member. I have had past puppies complete training as VA therapy companions, disabled wheel chair basic, intermediate advanced training, and more. Mastiffs can detect feelings and react to them. I respect those showing Mastiffs with all involved. Consider cost, time, training, size, and breed knowledge before deciding. Do your homework.

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