In Tennessee I have this majestic breed; the Neapolitan Mastiff. I have owned mastiffs for over ten years but having litters since 2005. I have owned many different animals in my life. Each canine breed is distinctly different. I purchased my first neapolitan in 2002 as a pet. I have owned one ever since. I respect and trust them for their merit, intelligence, size, loyalty, gentleness, grace, quirks, unconditional devotion, and wrinkled beauty. I have noticed many tendencies, personalities, and habits common with a neapolitan mastiff dependent upon how much time is spent with each. In this site, I would like to express some of these traits I find endearing and special. This is only one viewpoint with neapolitan mastiff in effort to share how special it is to have a neapolitan as a family pet.

My neapolitans are pets, guard dogs, and great companions. They have fenced in yards and shelters from the weather. I provide a large fenced area for exercise, running, play, and muscle growth. They have their own box of toys, dental chews, distractions, and bedding. I provide toys and other activities to keep their mind challenged from not being bored. They are both inside and outside dogs with their own distinct personalities. I have gone through trainings with my mastiffs. I trust their instincts and they trust me. The pedigrees of mastiffs I own have a past history of champion show winners. I do not show at this time.

I am located in the crossroads of Tennessee joining the neighboring states of Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. For more specific detail, pedigrees information, or other inquiries; contact me on the form provided. More detailed neapolitan available for more reading. Enjoy.

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